Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dear Princesses


"Hmmm, dan aku tahu, engkau tidak mahu ada apa-apa kenangan antara kita. Engkau mahu aku lupa, tapi aku takkan boleh lupa. Lalu biarlah di luarannya aku tampak tidak kisah atas segalanya sedang di dalam, hanya Allah sahaja yang mengetahuinya. Struggling for a life."

Here some words to every girls,

No matter where you stand, please love yourself before you love a man. Appreciate your life now. Cover your 'aurat' properly. Watch your words and the way you dress. Its okay, you dont't have to take a drastic move. A little bit by bit is enough and soon, you'll get close to  Him. And guess what? A real guy ( your future husband ) going to love you the way you are :) Sometimes, were busy finding a perfect ROMEO when we, ourselves are full imperfection and our relationship with Allah isn't strong. Princesses, the power is in your hand. Think wisely. Jannah is our.

#BuatDiriYangLupa #NoteForMyself


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